Development Team

Development Team


Our swimmers regularly take part in competitions and we are proud of their achievements. Here are the latest news updates.


West District LC Details - Round 1 - 12 & 13 January 2019 at Tollx



The following swimmers have consideration times for the above District Championships. Entries are submitted then Clubs are advised who has been accepted. Entry fee is either £6 or £8 per event. Fee will be confirmed at West District AGM in December. PLEASE NOTE NO SWIMMER WILL BE ENTERED WHO HAS ANY OUTSTANDING FEES DUE TO THE CLUB. Please inform Club desks,

Club phone or Coach Karen no later than Wednesday 12th December if you are unable to swim.


GIRLS                                                 Age as at 31 Dec 2019                      BOYS

Joanna Dale                                                       11 years                              Craig Shaw

Isla Jones (Sun PM)

Samantha Pratt

Katie Towers        

Abbie Barnstaple                                                12 years                               Justin Bone

Annabel Godfrey

Ayla Miller

Chelsea Millward (Sunday)

Helena Ramage

Casey Thomson

Claudia Wood

Millie McArthur                                                   13 years                               Ross Carswell

Ellarose Stewart                                                                                                             Ross Dunlop (Sat AM)                                                                                                                                                      Ian Henderson (Sun PM)


Anya McLaughlin                                                14 years                               Cameron Bruce    

Abigail Smith                                                                                                                  Benji Jones (Sun PM)

                                                                                                                                       Euan McLeod

Caitlin Doherty (Sun)                                         15 years

Heather Fell (Sun)

Caitlyn Hamilton

Niamh Jeffrey

Lucy Jones                                                         16 years & over                                 Connor Fallon

Abbigail McArthur                                                                                                           Michael Maxfield (Sun PM)

Mia Rae                                                                                                                          Alistair Dunsmore

Heather Stevenson                                                                                                        Mitchell Stevenson

South Lanarkshire Development Meet details - 12 Jan 19



The following swimmers will be entered for the above competition. Please inform Club Desks, Club phone or Coach Karen no later than Wednesday 12th December if you are unable to swim. £2.00 per event. Late withdrawal fees will apply.


GIRLS                                                 AGE as at 31/12/19             BOYS

Katy Barker                                         10 & under                        Ruaraidh Biggins                 

Orla Jeffrey                                                                                      Stewart McLeod

Erin Lammie

Jessica Pratt

Lucy Taylor

Alison Carswell

Evi Mackie


Holly Fell                              11 years                Alastair McDairmant

Ailishia Forgie                                                                                   Malcolm Ormrod

Isla Jones                                                                                         Craig Shaw

Jessica Moore

Chelsea Millward                                 12 years                Calum Smith


                                                            13 year                                 Ian Henderson

                                                                                                         Douglas Ormrod


Lucy Graham                                      14 years & over                  Benji Jones

Hannah MacDonald                                                                         Jamie Shaw

Emma McCafferty                                                             Michael Maxfield

Caitlin Doherty                                                                                

Heather Fell                                                                                    


West District Junior Age Groups @ Tollcross

Thirteen Lanark swimmers aged 13 years and under represented the Club at the West District Junior Age Group Championships at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre.

Eleven year olds Justin Bone and Ayla Miller both won bronze medals; Justin in the 1500m freestyle and Ayla in the 200m butterfly.

There was a 400m IM District title win for 12 year old Millie McArthur as well as 2 bronze medals in the 200m backstroke and 800m freestyle.

The 13 years boys also enjoyed medal success. Euan McLeod won the 200m butterfly and was second in the 100m butterfly. Cameron Bruce finished third in the 100m butterfly.

Abbie Barnstaple, Annabel Godfrey, Helena Ramage, Ellarose Stewart, Anya McLaughlin, Abigail Smith, Ross Carswell and Benji Jones all posted personal best times.

After the Meet coach Karen Kelly said “It was good to see so many personal bests

Being posted as well as the podium finishes. Euan showed great tenacity to win the 200m butterfly as he suffered a bad knee injury in the summer which hampered his training for a few months. Cameron deserved his first ever district medal and Millie’s versatility came to the fore in the 400m IM. Justin and Ayla coped well winning medals in 2 of the most demanding events in swimming.”

Lanark Swimming Club Champions 2018

Lanark ASC held its annual Club Championships at the town's South Lanarkshire Lifestyles facility. Three club championship records were broken on the night; Millie McArthur (11/12) 100m backstroke and 100m freestyle and Evi Mackie (9/10 years) 50m butterfly.

The age group champions were:-

8 years and under        Jessica Pratt        Charlie Barnstaple

9/10 years                    Evi Mackie          Craig Shaw

11/12 years                  Millie McArthur     Justin Bone  

13/14 years                 Niamh Jeffrey        Euan McLeod
15 years & over            Erin Snow            Mitchell Stevenson

Alloa Meet - Stirling

Nineteen Lanark swimmers recently competed at the two day Alloa ASC Meet held at Stirling.

The squad equipped themselves very will finishing second best club behind PerthCity.

In the 10 years and under age group Evi Mackie, Samantha Pratt, Casey Thomson and Justin Bone all won top 3 awards. The 11/12 age group saw top three finishes for Millie McArthur, Ellarose Stewart and Cameron Bruce. The 13/14 age group also brought further success through Anya McLaughlin, Caitlyn Hamilton, Euan McLeod and Connor Fallon. In the 15 years and over age group there was podium finishes for Lucy Jones, Abbigail McArthur, Heather Stevenson, Erin Snow and Michael Maxfield. Joanna Dale, Emma McCafferty and Abigail Smith all posted personal best times.

Coach Karen Kelly said after the two day competition. “It was a great effort for the Lanark swimmers to finish second in the team scores behind PerthCity. There was some terrific personal best swims from all the age groups